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Some Notable Inhabitants of the Cago Area

 Our “Heroes”


Lord-Captain Geoffrey Spaulding (Nat)


Reed Groom (Human)


Nan (Ess)


Mugwump (Morag)

Not Our “Heroes”


Blades, Josef (Kharaz), an experienced tracker and archer/adventurer, veteran Cromen hunter, warleader of the Black Jaegers


Bronze (Kharaz), a “young” girl who got lost looking to join the Black Jaegers

Carpenter, Caleb (Human), the Reeve of Frogg

Carpenter, Dupree (Human), (no relation) a naive young runaway, former dupe of the swindler/”swordmaster” Torias March


Falen (Ess), an archaeologist in Frogg, directly or indirectly sponsored by Lord Jonn Sterling

Farmer, “Pappy” Ridge (Human), an “agricultural engineer” supervising the drainage of the marsh south of Frogg


Forska (nee Sterling), Gretchen (Nat), Lord Sterling’s niece under his protection in Frogg


Gossett, Lady Janice (Nat), head of House Gossett, blamed by Reed for everything bad that happens

Groat, Thoss (Morag), a criminal formerly employed by Torias March, delivered to justice in Cyril’s Rest

Grumbleberry (Grunty), a grunty folk hero last seen around Frogg, known as “Master of the Stick” to his people

Grunden, Aron (Morag), a master weaponsmith in Frogg


Jameson, Andreas (Nat), heir to House Jameson, diplomat


Jameson, Lord Cyril (Nat), aged head of House Jameson and recently evicted Lord of Cyril’s Rest, very protective of his family, admired by Nan for his ability to lull a prisoner with his old man act and then stab him through the hand

Leafson, Erok (Morag), an aged cartographer and adventurer, former fisherman and target dummy of Lord Jonn Sterling


Madspear (Kharaz), retainer to Lord Sterling

Manyfang (Kharaz), notorious thug in Cago’s Graymere district, briefly the owner of the Graymere Inn before it collapsed from timber rot

March, Torias (Human), con man and bandit leader, captured by Geoffrey Spaulding and company and delivered to justice in Cyril’s Rest, later recaptured and mutilated by Cromen invaders


Percival (Human), a supposed refugee kid who put on a terrible mask and claims to be a Black Jaeger

Praise, Roderick (Human), the obese and greedy human owner of the largest pawnshop in Cago, situated conveniently near the Graymere pit

Reed, Alastair (Nat), presumed dead, recently surfaced in Cago searching for Reed Groom


Renssalear, Lord Criton (Nat), deceased former head of House Renssalear, died under strange circumstances with all of his sons

Renssalear, Olan (Nat), third son of Lord Criton, believed to be alive and working or manipulating the cromen horde

Runner, Coz (Human), a guide formerly employed by Lord Andreas Jameson, presumed to have been treacherous and possibly employed by the Cromen, last seen gravely wounded in a little shack


Spaulding, Lady Deanna (nee Forska) (Nat), mother of Lord Spaulding, shrewd investor and enthusiastic pistoleer


Sterling, Lord Jonn (Nat), head of House Sterling, pariah at court, currently commanding a blocking force in the west and patron of the town of Frogg

Sumpter, Fineous (Human), a stablemaster who once employed Reed and who is now in hiding after his stables were burned


Thorin (Morag), retainer to Lord Sterling


Tookie (Grunty), aged menial servant of Lord Spaulding, definitely just a menial servant and in no way a proficient quarterstaff fighter or master spy


Waits, Sam (Human), valet of Lord Spaulding, skilled in equipment maintenance, haggling, and getting hit

Weaver, Andrew (Human), son of Nancy Weaver (~10yo)


Weaver, Nancy (Human), a netmaker, tailor and physician’s apprentice in Frogg, has some sort of relationship with Lord Andreas Jameson

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