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Some Noble Houses of Cago

Following is a list of some of the better-known (and known to the party) noble houses of the Cago Nats, and some of their more prominent members.

House Forska

Second most respected house, keepers of the secrets of Powder

  • Lord Bartholemew Forska, Head of House
  • Lady Celia Royal-Forska, Bride of Lord Bartholemew, second cousin to Lord Thurston
  • Lord Halloran Forska, eldest son
  • Lord George Forska, son of Lord Halloran by the late Lady Talia Renssalear-Forska, grandson of Lord Bartholemew
  • Lord Jacob Sterling-Forska, originally the heir to the Sterling house, married into the Forska house and relinquished his claim to Sterling some six years ago
  • Lord Galen Forska (deceased), late uncle of Lord Bartholemew and briefly head of house after the death of Bartholemew’s sire Lord Joseph

House Gossett

A moderately ambitious house, formerly a client house of Renssalear, has recently absorbed several minor families themselves

  • Lady Janice Gossett, Head of House, formerly married into House Renssalear
  • Lord Walter Tarth-Gossett, widower to the late Lady Adrienne Gossett and recently husband to Lady Sarah Gossett, eldest child by marriage of Lady Janice
  • Lady Sarah Gossett, second daughter and only surviving lineal descendant of Lady Janice, wife of Lord Walter
  • Daniel Gossett, son of Lord Walter and Lady Sarah, a commissioned officer in the Army of Cago.
  • Allison Gossett, a field commander last seen coordinating defenses in Appleville

House Jameson

Relatively prominent for an “outer house,” one that does not primarily live inside Fort Cago

  • Lord Cyril Jameson, the ancient hereditary lord of Cyril’s Rest and its attached villages
    • Bailiff Gilikan Plough, a formidable Morag warrior and bodyguard to Lord Cyril and, occasionally, Lord Jameson
  • Lord Andreas Jameson, eldest son of Lord Cyril, diplomat and explorer
    • Bird, a grunty menial servant
  • Lord Virgil Jameson (deceased), uncle of Lord Cyril, last Head of House Jameson as an “inner” house

House Pellius

One of the original houses from the settlement of Cago, now in decline as their family members are absorbed by other houses

House Renssalear

Formerly prominent house, significantly reduced in influence since the deaths of Lord Criton and his sons Fergus and Olan within a short span around 10 years ago.

  • Lady Elowyn Renssalear, daughter of the late Lord Criton and the late Lady Margaret, titular head of house
  • Lord Criton Renssalear (deceased), head of house during its heyday
  • Sir Olan Rennssalear (deceased), third son of Lord Criton
  • Lord Grant Renssalear (deceased), first son of Lord Criton
  • Sir Edmund Farkas-Renssalear (deceased), brother-in-law of Lord Criton, author of a monograph about religions/superstitions

House Royal

The hereditary governing house of Cago, lineal descendants of Thurston Royal I.

  • Lord Thurston Royal IV, Head of House and Lord of the Council
  • Lady Genevieve Forska-Royal, Bride of Lord Thurston, sister of Bartholemew
  • Lord Darius Royal, son of Thurston IV and Genevieve, eldest son

House Spaulding

A minor yet wealthy inner house, recently a client of House Forska until an influx of cash allowed them to stand alone; their minor status and relative wealth have made them attractive for takeover.

  • Lord-Captain Geoffrey Spaulding, Head of House, son of the late lord Hyram Spaulding and the elderly Lady Deanna Forska-Spaulding, a young yet reputedly already senile adventurer.  Retired army officer.
    • Samuel Waits, a human manservant
    • Tookie, an elderly grunty menial servant
  • Lady Deanna Forska-Spaulding, a willful matron who takes care of the day-to-day affairs of House Spaulding and its investments.

House Sterling

A primarily military house, controversial and not very well-liked at council

  • Lord Jonn Sterling, head of house, second son of the late Lord Phineas Sterling, patron of the town of Frogg, became head of house after the abdication of elder brother Jacob Sterling to House Forska, former adventurer
    • Madspear, a Kharaz bodyguard
    • Thorin, a Morag bodyguard
  • Young Lady Gretchen Sterling, niece of Lord Jonn and daughter to Lord Jacob (13yo)

House Tarth

A minor house, now mostly a client house of House Gossett.

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