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General announcements of things like game times, rule shifts, upcoming downtimes, etc.

Adventure Logs Stuck in the Timeline Page for a Bit

Since I’ve been spending more time on video cutting and other stuff, I’ll be doing the blurb updates on the timeline page rather than session summaries. Besides, since Mugwump is the party chronicler he should really be doing all of that. 😛

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Cago: The Clip Show

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Welcome to Cago

  We are playing on Roll20 with Skype, using GURPS 4th Edition and minimal extra rules (splatbooks). This is the third incarnation of this campaign, and takes place approximately ten in-game years after the first. This post exists because I like the campaign desktop in Roll20 and because one of my players rightfully pointed out … Continue reading »

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Noble Houses Updated

Some additions to the Noble Houses page have been made based on information found in a monograph, and some name clarifications in keeping with the naming traditions of the Nats.

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Noble houses posted

Not sure if I can do a session this week as I’ve been crazy sick for a couple of days.  Instead, I’ve posted some information about the known Noble Houses on the site, and will add some more meaningless background information as I feel like it. Update:  Notable Persons page also added for non-nobility/house associates.

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Another Victim

Tony has signed up, annoyed that the two character types he was thinking of were already being played.  Morag scout/sniper Humanish stableboy with a bow ahoy!

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First Session Upcoming

Working on the framework for the first game session.  This will be a small session, probably me and 2 players or so, mostly to see how the framework works out.  We may add more players, but everyone should be aware that this is more or less a validation of the MapTool framework for remote game … Continue reading »

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