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Adventure Summary 12/16/13: Back to the Greatest Town Ever

Posted by on January 4, 2014

Spaulding “makes arrangements” to get his family out of Cago in the wake of a foiled kidnapping attempt, the party manages to avoid all conflict, and spend a few days travelling to Frogg where they learn nothing. (You can skip the rest.)

  • After long discussions on using the ciphering device to send trap messages to (presumably) House Gossett, the party decides to not do it and just head for Frogg.
  • Reed finds an abandoned inn listed as an old Renssalear property south of Cago. The party stops by on the way to Frogg and finds nothing interesting, since they didn’t send a trap message.
  • Continuing on toward Frogg, the party encounters a group of travellers, mostly kharaz, who are heading west. Reed deduces that they are joining up with the Black Jaegers.
  • In Frogg, there has been an influx of new residents, causing some grumbling amongst the population about the strain on their already precarious food supplies since the dredging project is not complete. There are also a lot of fortifications going up, and a large number of residents undergoing militia training, with an unusually large supply of muskets.
  • Reed discovers to his unimaginable delight that the local kids have created a new dish using mudskippers by burying them in the ground for months. “Mudskarl” is the tasty treat every ex-stableboy loves!
  • The party is joined by Bronze, a “teenage” (meaning around 40ish) kharaz girl who was a member of the party they had encountered earlier, but got lost in a hazing incident. Spaulding agrees to let her travel with them as they head west.
  • Nan decides to stay behind in Frogg for an extra day, hoping to help Falen with his work and glom some free Quinoa.


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