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Adventure Summary 12/10/13: Come Get Some Candy, Little Boy

Posted by on January 4, 2014

Still in Cago, the party attempts to lock up the remains of their personal objectives: Spaulding sits around being noble, Nan finds the mysterious sextant everyone’s been looking for in a garbage house, and Reed goes looking for Uncle Alastair and instead finds potential love interests.

  • The party goes to Graymere after the horse incident to try and find Manyfang, the Kharaz once-owner of the Graymere Inn and a suspect in the horse theft/stable burning. They spend some time tooling around Roderick Praise’s pawn shop, where they do not find a mysterious sextant but Nan does buy a mostly-working spyglass for some reason. Reed spots an old, decrepit, and senile Grunty woman who seems to be alternately working at the outer stalls and stealing useless and broken items. Nobody at the shop seems to care.
  • At House Spaulding, Lord Geoffrey gets a great idea and suggests to Lady Deanna that the whole family could move to Frogg, a wondrous city made of slime and dead fish, where Spaulding has commissioned the building of something which will probably end up like an ice fishing hut. Preparations get under way for the move, since nobody else in House Spaulding has ever seen Frogg and so it may as well be Shangri-La.
  • Reed decides to troll around Graymere and find information on Uncle Alastair and the still-missing Fineous Sumpter. Rolling as well as he usually does when things are important, he buys beers for people with Nan’s money and winds up led into a dark alley by two charming gentlemen. Sensing love in the air, Reed beats a hasty retreat.
  • The next day, Nan escorted Reed back to Graymere, since a 5-foot tall Ess girl is less likely to be molested than Reed. While they have no luck tracking down Uncle Al (who probably left town) or Fineous (who is in hiding somewhere), Nan sees the old Grunty woman again and her ancestors jokingly suggest that if they’re looking for trash, they might as well ask the trash.
  • Reed and Nan follow the Grunty woman, named Grix, who is completely senile. She lives in a little shack near an open sewer filled with stacks of crap she has hoarded from the pawn shop and rubbish heaps. In one pile they find the mysterious sextant and manage to acquire it.
  • The Mysterious Sextant
  • Back at House Spaulding, helpful Tookie offers to clean the device while everyone else goes to sleep. The next morning, the party works out the cipher and translates the two messages: “CYRILS REST FALLS WITHIN DAYS OFFER RANSOM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE HARASSED BY FILTHY KHARAZ AND THE MURDERER STERLING,” and “RANSOM FOR CYRIL READY.”
  • In a move that was probably completely unrelated, Tookie suddenly asked Lord Spaulding if he thought anyone might mean him harm in town, then took off into the city an hour before the rest of the party had deciphered the messages. He returned a bit later, looking somewhat relieved, but reporting to all non-Spauldings that Lady Janice Gossett was furious according to her servants. Probably a total coincidence.

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