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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Cago: The Clip Show

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Adventure Summary 12/28/13: Nan, Exterminator Extroadinaire

Nan briefly spots an ess who disappears just before she finds out his house was full of poisoning supplies, receives some free quinoa and an old monograph nobody will be interested in, and unleashes a horde of carnivorous giant beetles on the poor people of Frogg just so she can be a hero.

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Adventure Summary 12/19/13: Oh Hey, Found Your Friends

Spaulding, Reed, Tookie and Bronze head west to find a creative way to kill themselves around Cyril’s Rest, the fate of Bronze’s travelling companions is discovered, and the party refines their normal strategy of walking straight into ambushes by doing it at night.

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Adventure Summary 12/16/13: Back to the Greatest Town Ever

Spaulding “makes arrangements” to get his family out of Cago in the wake of a foiled kidnapping attempt, the party manages to avoid all conflict, and spend a few days travelling to Frogg where they learn nothing. (You can skip the rest.)

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Adventure Summary 12/10/13: Come Get Some Candy, Little Boy

Still in Cago, the party attempts to lock up the remains of their personal objectives: Spaulding sits around being noble, Nan finds the mysterious sextant everyone’s been looking for in a garbage house, and Reed goes looking for Uncle Alastair and instead finds potential love interests.

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