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Adventure Summary 11/25/13: Screw You Coz

Posted by on December 14, 2013

The party stops to rest and resupply in Wooton, Reed makes a new friend courtesy of critical failure, and everyone gets lost in the woods just like the cromen scouts.

  • Everyone moved on to Wooton with the Jamesons in tow and arrive a little after nightfall. Wooton was in a heightened state of readiness due to, oh, maybe the huge cromen army off to the west. The wooden pickets, ditches, and fifty peasant levies seemed less than adequate.
  • The situation at the Rest seemed to concern Mayor Fenton Poll, who mentioned that their expected reinforcements sourtesy of “Lieutenant Gossett” were several days late. What he planned to do about it was unclear, as he seemed to mysteriously disappear in the night along with his personal belongings.
  • Spaulding, looking for a way to make himself uncharacteristically useful, struck up a conversation with a morag hauler, Mugwump. It turned out that Mugwump was an aspiring author of tales of fantastic adventure, and Spaulding gave him a few yarns to add to his repertoire before showing him the ruined book; of course, it belonged to Mugwump. Although disheartened at the loss of most of his epic masterpiece, he resolved that he could write it again, even better, meaning even more exclamation points and adverbs.
  • The following morning, after realizing that they were all terrible at map reading, the party attempted to find someone in town who could direct them to the shack marked on the cromen map. Reed found a local hauler-for-hire, Lyle, and with some smooth talking managed to convince him that Reed was there to steal his job. Significant bribery from Lord Spaulding managed to get them some information on local landmarks, if not an actual guide.
  • Walking through woods and hills for several hours, the party managed to find a small hunting shack that looked like the right place. Inside, in a hidden shelf underneath a cabinet, Reed and Nan found a small box similar to the one they looted from the cromen. Inside was a coded message, written on fine paper in a familiar delicate hand:


  • Outside, the root cellar door was easy enough to open for Spaulding, but there was nothing inside outside of an empty rotten cask, over which hung a hook in a support timber. Shifting the cask revealed a trapdoor with a lock; after managing to dissuade Spaulding from shooting at the lock (a trick he thought would actually work), Nan and Reed sharted hewing away at the wood around the outside of the mechanism. Spaulding went topside so that he might fail to keep watch.
  • Under the door was a pulley mechanism and a large number of containers: barrels, casks, boxes, and crates. These contained various food supplies and weapons, including a stray percussion cap. There was also a disguise/makeup kit which Reed pocketed, which included a number of long fingernails preserved in alcohol. In a small trunk were a set of blue tabards bearing am emblem of a mailed fist framed by two pistols.
  • While they were hauling things up, Nan happened to look back at the cellar door and see someone looking in at them. The person ran off, Nan and Reed immediately gave chase, and Spaulding made his way out of the sub-cellar once he managed to dodge the box that Nan and Reed dropped close to his head.
  • Through some rather confusing dialogue and a quick dose of fear, the party took the trapper, Trent Skinner, alive and mostly unharmed. He was hired by an outrider to go to the house and look for a message inside, and to ensure that the basement remained undisturbed. He had little in the way of valuable information, which didn’t matter as Reed soon spotted his likely contact some distance away, watching the proceedings from horseback. The man looked like Coz Runner, a scout the party had hired some time ago (and who abandoned them after leading them into a cromen ambush a little west of Frogg). Reed started chasing Coz, Spaulding started chasing Reed, and Nan stayed behind to attend to the prisoners wounds, which he did not have until she started working him over a bit.
  • Unfortunately, Coz was far better at tracking and evasion than Reed, so the two returned to the shack after an hour or so. They tied up their prisoner and hauled him back to Wooton, where Spaulding alerted the guard sergeant to the presence of the cache. The party kept the disguise kit, the tabards, and some cloaks.
  • The party collected the Jamesons (who were a bit dismayed to have been delayed for half a day) and set out again toward Cago. When they mentioned the tabards to Andreas, the young noble revealed that the emblem indicated the Purity Knights, a Nat society that once sought to subjugate all other species through terror and trickery; in fact, much of the land his family owned around the Rest was presented by Thurston Royal I for their success in subjugating the local humans and moragi, accomplished with the assistance of the Purity Knights. Secure in the knowledge that their good friend and descendant of racist terrorists was on his way to safety, the party set up watches and slept.


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