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Adventure Summary 9/22/10

Posted by on September 28, 2010

The party delivers a wayward message, is reunited with Andreas Jameson, Jonn Sterling and Gilikan Plough, and leaves one of them behind with the enemy as the Jameson household is rescued.

  • Reed, being the least wounded person in the group who was capable of riding a horse without a booster seat, scouted out the situation at Cyril’s Rest.  He discovered that there were a couple of hundred Cromen (at least) besieging the keep, or at least caging it in from about 100 yards back or so.  They had erected crude shields against potential long-range musket fire and had apparently lashed some peasants to the front as an additional deterrent.
  • On his way back to the party, Reed encountered tow things that were curious.  The first was a set of six Cromen heads a little bit west of the village on spikes.
  • The second was a bedraggled human, obviously hungry, carrying a captured Cromen bow and wearing a makeshift bandit mask, observing him from hiding.  After meeting, it turned out that this mysterious person was none other than one of the legendary Black Jagers, or so he said as he hurriedly munched on an offered apple.  Reed offered to escort the hero, who had oddly become separated from his unit and was also missing his horse, back to the village.
  • Back in town, it turned out that the mysterious Black Jager was carrying a note he had found somewhere, presumably on the body of a dead messenger, asking for help from Cago, saying that the Rest could hold out for no more than two weeks given available water and food supplies.  Sending the “Black Jager” to “guard” some of the villagers, who were all fleeing east, the party decided to head off for Cago to deliver the message themselves.
  • Reed changed horses in Appleville, allowing him to reach Cago a day ahead of the others, where he delivered his message to Sterling.  After the rest of the party had arrived, Jonn Sterling and Andreas Jameson joined them and headed east with 50 soldiers, fast marching to rendezvous with Gilikan Plough, who was travelling with 50 more soldiers.
  • When the force reached the outskirts of the Rest’s territory, they discovered that most of the villages have been abandoned, by both Cromen and peasants.  The fleeing peasants reported that most of them had been released, although some were marched as prisoners to Cyril’s Rest.  A couple of them also seemed to think that what the Cromen wanted was the ruling family of the Rest to come out in exchange for the human/morag prisoners.
  • Observation of the Rest revealed that what looked like about 500-600 total Cromen now besieging, and they had executed a couple of the prisoners/body-shields.
  • Andreas Jameson conferred with Sterling and revealed that there was an escape tunnel leading out of the Rest, but he doesn’t know why Cyril and the others had taken it yet.  Taking the party and about 10 musketeers north to the tunnel’s exit point, they separated from the main body of soldiers, who were fortifying their own position and sending out scouts.
  • Arriving at the exit point in a group of abandoned farm buildings, the party saw that a central building had been boarded up, and there were about a dozen or so Cromen in the area.  Tookie wound up distracting a number of them off south where they were gunned down by the musketeers, while Nan, Spaulding, Reed and Plough killed the remaining Cromen.  Nan was apparently somewhat changed by her earlier wounding experience, and spent a fair bit of the end of the combat carving up a near-death Cromen, and face painting with his blood, which nicely set off her pale skin.
  • The exit of the tunnel was inside the boarded building, but it had been securely barred from the inside.  Most of the group went around searching for hatchets and picks to break through the trapdoor, but by the time they got back Nan had somehow carved her way mostly through the bar.
  • The group made their way through the tunnel and managed to come out in a basement of Cyril’s Rest through a secret door, where a surprised looking guard led them to Lord Cyril.  Cyril and his family assembled and were escorted through the door, which was securely closed behind them.  It was only after they had made it through the tunnel that they realized that Plough had stayed behind, to act as the steward of the Rest.

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