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Adventure Summary 9/19/10

Posted by on September 20, 2010

The party finished up the partial liberation of a minor farming village on the outskirts of Cyril’s Rest, gets mangled in the process, and meets an old pal.

    • As the group moved the bodies of their victims nefarious enemies aside, Reed and Nan spotted more activity from the village, and as they moved forward, saw a small figure with a lantern approaching.
    • The boy in question was a human child, and Nan’s scan showed that he was being compelled forward to find the players while, presumably, Cromen were approaching at the edges of visibility.
    • There were actually two groups; one, a small group of archers with one gunner, came upon the party first from the south, while a second group of spearmen apparently ran into Tookie a bit northwards, where the grunty was intentionally making noises to lead them away from the rest of the group.  A couple of torches flew out, illuminating the party in the south, and in the north, the spearmen became visible, chasing a fleeing Tookie who was heard to utter his battle-cry “SHIIIIIIIIT!”
    • While Tookie distracted the confused spearmen in the north outside of the torchlight radius, in the south Nan was terrorizing the archers, who were then engaged by Reed, Lord Spaulding, and Sam.  During the struggle, Sam was seriously wounded, Spaulding took a couple of superficial cuts, and most of the archers were dispatched.  Reed had slung his bow and was approaching the dazed musketeer just in time for him to snap out of his terror-fugue, and so Reed grabbed his musket barrel, which resulted in a somewhat comical struggle between a hulking Cromen trying to wrestle his gun away from a teenage boy who was all but dangling from the weapon, giving Spaulding and Sam enough time to close the distance and valorously stab him to death from behind.  Reed grabbed the gun.
    • In the north, with Tookie outside of the torchlight, the not-all-that-bright spearmen were pacing around looking for him, giving Nan time to come up and shout some curses at them, buying the rest of the group some time, but making herself a target.  Fortunately, Tookie was quick enough to trip them up as they charged after her, keeping them busy while the rest of the party charged (or limped, in Sam’s case) to their rescue.  Nan did eat a nasty spear wound in the melee from one Cromen who immediately went after her, causing her to retreat, heading south where an unconscious Cromen archer needed “attention” while Spaulding, Sam, Reed and Tookie finished the remaining spearmen, forcing one surrender.
    • As Nan approached the southern lit area, she stopped as she saw a hulking, lumbering Cromen with a nasty polearm surveying the carnage, eventually trundling up in the direction of the party.  Stunning him briefly, Nan stepped back as Reed and Spaulding charged.  This enemy’s layered scale armor proved effective against most of ther attacks, although Spaulding managed a couple of good hits, but then got nailed with a huge cut to the chest.  Fortunately, Reed had used the opportunity to flank the Cromen and shot him in the throat at point-blank range with a broadhead arrow.
    • As this was all going on, the remaining Cromen in the village apparently moved out to the west, pursuing some other coincidental threat, and when Reed got to the village, the peasants were cautiously coming out of their huts, plus one raggedy looking fellow in torn finery who came tumbling out of a door, cringing as the peasants surrounded him menacingly.
    • This fellow was Torias March, the con man they had met in their first outing, now missing a left hand.  Under some creative interrogation by Nan, he revealed that he had been on a labor gang when the Cromen attacked a different village.  He was able to roughly communicate with one of them, and for his trouble was rewarded with freedom, by way of a severed manacled hand, and forced to act as a translator in this village, telling the peasants where to go and what to do on behalf of the Cromen occupiers.
    • His ragged finery was apparently taken from a Nat, or Nat representative, possibly from House Forska, who had been caught and gutted by the Cromen.  The deceased man had been carrying a note that Torias could not read; it turned out to be a sort of monograph on the nature of humanoid religious practices, written in a somewhat patronizing tone, with some footnotes from other noblemen (click for full image):


  • Reed, only lightly wounded, opted to try and scout in the dark toward Cyril’s Rest, but turned back after about half a mile after narrowly avoiding a company of Cromen heading westwards.
  • The party was welcomed by the villagers, who told them the story of their occupation, and that the remaining Cromen had been drawn out west by some harassing arrow fire, which had apparently happened the previous day as well, which had no doubt cut down the odds to manageable levels for the incredibly outnumbered party, who as of now were trying their best to recover from their wounds in the middle of contested territory.

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