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Adventure Summary 9/15/10

Posted by on September 16, 2010

Paused after part 1 of what could be a long hunt and kill session in a peaceful suburb of Cyril’s Rest.

  • The party returned with Lord Sterling and his cargo to Frogg, with the party asking annoying questions for part of the trip.  Lord Sterling seems to not be a treehugging hippie creating an egalitarian holding in a swamp, but rather more like a secure retirement home for himself far away from the politics and stupidity of Cago.
  • In Frogg,the party continued their usual pattern, resulting in equal knowledge gain for the party:
    • Lord Spaulding looked for a hat and sang heroic songs about things that probably never happened for the local kids in lieu of another circus performance.
    • Reed looked for any excuse to get out of Frogg.
    • Nan discovered that Gretchen was a little bit dismayed that her arranged marriage into the Forska house had somehow gone sour.  In further conversations with Nancy Weaver, she learned about the history of the Sterling’s involvement in Frogg, and how his tenuous protection pact with a group of Kharaz to the south would be good for the town, especially if he established permanent residence therein.  The Sterling was apparently something of a misfit at court, but was strongly feared for some act in the past that resulted in the near-annihilation of the powerful Renssalear house.  When informed about Gretchen’s soured marriage plans, she mused that if Andreas were to marry Gretchen, it would provide him with greater protection as an “outer lord” than the aging Cyril could give him against the machinations of houses that might wish to assimilate the Jamesons, and by allowing the Jamesons to be absorbed it would strengthen both of their positions, as well as fortify the town of Frogg.
  • In addition, Sam bought himself a gun and started looking into the possibility of having a house built for Spaulding in the Frogg area.
  • While prowling around the outside of town, meditating thoughtfully on how much he hated being in Frogg, Reed encountered a winded messenger riding in, who bore news that part of the Cromen northern force had separated from the main body and had skirted southward, undetected, toward Cyril’s Rest.  They were being harassed by a small group of something called the “Black Jagers,” but as the force was several hundred strong, it did not slow them much.  They were expected to get to the Rest within a week, and the Rest’s forces were depleted due to the northern incursions.
  • With men at arms strangely unavailable in the depressing marsh town of Frogg and no Erok Leafson or Yosef Blades at hand to assist, the party rode out as soon as possible to catch up with Lord Sterling, who had left a couple of hours beforehand to secure Andreas Jameson from possible house arrest in Cago, though not before Lord Spaulding purchased two muskets from local smith Aron Grunden, no doubt in order to dual-wield.
  • Catching up with the Sterling’s party on the road north of Frogg and somehow not immediately opening fire on them as moving objects, the party told Sterling what was happening.  Sterling was determined to head for Cago faster, but could not muster forces quickly enough to counter an impending mass of several hundred Cromen.  He suggested that Spaulding move to Cyril’s Rest anyway in order to try and get Cyril out before the main body of Cromen arrived, reasoning that the hold could last for a while against Cromen, giving Sterling enough time to mobilize a larger force.  The party proceeded as suggested, slightly disappointed in the lack of meatshields assistance from the Sterling.
  • On the road to the Rest, the party encountered a group of a dozen or so human and morag peasants.  They were fleeing from a village near the hold, which had already been taken by a small Cromen force, surprisingly ahead of schedule.  The refugees told them that the Cromen came with a human with one hand who was giving orders in Amurkan on behalf of the Cromen, and that some of the Cromen had been drawn away the previous night by an ambushing group of archers, which was when they made their escape.
  • Arriving after nightfall, the party saw a posted torch on the bridge into town over a stream that marked the village boundary.  Nan saw several bored Cromen standing guard, and starting yelling curses at them, which were surprisingly effective as usual.  The party moved to engage in combat, taking down the non-fear-stricken invaders with musket and arrow fire.  Nan however was shot by a patrolling gunner with a blunderbuss, taking surprisingly superficial wounds at near point-blank range.  The party dispatched the remaining guards (one of whom came out of a fit of vomiting just in time to the barrel of Spaulding’s musket pressed to his chest, right before Spaulding pulled the trigger).  The strangely practical Tookie executed the surviving guards with a spike as the party regrouped, wondering if anyone had possibly heard the sound of four black powder guns going off from the village a mere three hundred yards off.

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