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Adventure Summary 8/26/10

Posted by on September 10, 2010

Much belated.  I was going to do a full writeup because it was just so absurd it probably deserved one, but something is better than nothing.  Also, I don’t have 16 hours to do it justice in recap form.

  • There was no instruction from Andreas Jameson to move on toward Cago, so the party hung around in the super exciting town of Frogg.
  • Having some time to burn, they went south to take a quick gander at the “excavation” Nan has heard about from Falen.  Passing a manure cart on the dirt trail out of Frogg proper, the party eventually came to a marshy area where a few humans and Moragi seemed to be working.
    • The supervisor, “Pappy” Ridge Farmer, was a self-described “agricultural engineer” who was working on a way to safely drain out the marsh in order to clear it for farming purposes, apparently under the auspices of Lord Sterling.
    • There were a few morag and human laborers who were working at the east end of the marsh, apparently building a sort of sluice-wall that would presumable drain the water into a shallow pond that was being dug out, exposing the soil.
    • When asked about any sort of archaeological work, Pappy mentioned that there did seem to be some old construction markers right beneath where the party was standing, but the ground was too wet to properly dig until the land had been cleared.
    • Nothing really was going to be interesting, agriculturally or archaeologically, for at least a couple weeks while the earthworks were being done.
  • While on-site, Nan started mumbling to herself again, and was adamant that this was important work and she should be a part of it, to the mild bewilderment (if not surprise, as they had become used to these weird outbursts) of the rest of the party.
  • Back in town, it was elicited from a somewhat loose-lipped Gretchen Sterling that her uncle was “building a fort,” in which she might someday live with an assortment of dolls and high-caliber firearms to play with.
  • The following morning, Nancy Weaver came to the party and informed them that Lord Jameson was in the process of being “escorted” out of town by an armed detachment from Cago, and they should see him off from a distance and, in Lord Spaulding’s case, in DISGUISE!  (Emphasis added to signify Spaulding’s delight at being given a cloak and hat.)
    • Nan, under some gestured instruction, read from Andreas’ mind that they were not to follow him, but instead assist Bird, his grunty manservant, who was not with him.
    • Spaulding found a couple of notes stuffed into the torn lining of the hat, one sealed, the other hastily scrawled and open:

  • Conferring with the shaken Bird, it was discovered that Bird had two missions, one to bring word to the grunties of Cago about the events that had transpired, and another to recover the shipment at Cyril’s Rest.  Deciding somehow that the scrawny, not-too-bright Bird was better suited for subtle diplomacy, the party decided to travel to Cyril’s Rest.
  • In the interests of maintaining anonymity, Lord Spaulding came up with the brilliant idea to procure costumes for everyone (which he did) so that they could travel not as an obvious nobleman with an entourage, but instead as an extremely subtle and unmemorable traveling circus.  It was while everyone was getting into their respective costumes (Lord Spaulding and Sam Waits as a minstrel and his accompanist, Reed Groom as a sort of stunt rider, Nan as an extremely unhappy and glowering fortune teller, and Tookie as a performing miniature bear) that they were seen by the morag adventurer and cartographer Erok Leafson, who after gazing at them blankly for a bit, simply inquired, “So, uh, how’s that life of adventure treating you?”
  • It seemed fortunate that Erok was there, as the party was without a tracker (Josef Blades having moved on recently), and so they asked him for a map to Cyril’s Rest.  As it turned out, it seemed that the price for Erok to draw them a map was exactly the sum that a traveling circus might earn for a performance in town!  Lord Spaulding readily agreed to this, as the others quietly and futilely pleaded with him to just pay him.
  • The evening’s performance went perhaps not as ideally as Spaulding had hoped, but it was sufficient to get them their map:
    • Spaulding himself performed some sort of romantic, adventuring ballad accompanied by Sam on lute, which only became really exciting when he tripped during his final bow and fell flat on his face in front of most of the population of Frogg who had come out for the show.
    • Reed rode around on a horse and jumped a few times over a flaming log, at which point it seemed extremely fortunate that the residents of Frogg were somewhat starved for entertainment.
    • Nan made a couple of dire predictions about someone going to die.  She could have been referring either to Erok or Lord Spaulding, but considering their lifestyles this was hardly seen as a stretch.
    • Tookie came out in his little bear costume, much to everyone’s laughter, did some dance steps, and proceeded to start kicking Erok in the shins.  When Erok had had enough and went to grab Tookie, the grunty remained completely in character as, very bearlike, he dodged the morag’s hands, grabbed up his staff from the ground, tripped Erok, and trapped him in a painful joint lock while screaming, “YOU MAKE US MAP NOW YAH?  YOU MAKE!”
  • Erok did as promised and drew them a map, which basically told them to go north, then turn left and go straight until they hit Cyril’s Rest.  Reed rolled his eyes and Nan plotted dire vengeance.
  • The trip to Cyril’s Rest was uneventful, and the party (having thankfully changed out of their minstrel clothes) met with Lord Cyril, exchanged some pleasantries (“So, what about your son getting arrested eh?  Hyuk hyuk.”), and recovered the cargo:  four large chests which seemed to be filled with a reddish ore.  The party borrowed a wagon and hitched it to their mules for the trip back.
  • On the way back, they ancountered about a dozen or so heavily armed and well-equipped men, which turned out to be the mysterious Lord Jonn Sterling and company, who had come out to take their delivery and escort the party back into Frogg, where they had become something akin to legend, though perhaps not in the way that any of them had excepted.

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