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Maptool Notes

Posted by on August 6, 2010

The second, or rather third, session using Maptool and Skype went a bit smoother thanks to some on-the-fly fixes in macros and better familiarity with the system.  On the other hand, a 20 man combat lasting 14 rounds (seconds) took about two hours to run.  Granted it was a lot more combatants than in the second session, but it still felt glacially slow, to me and the players.  I am making some notes on improvements to the framework to help speed things along.

  • Add some extra state tokens for things like position and crippling (no I haven’t done this yet) and supporting macros.  This could take some doing as I don’t want to add more steps to combat, so I need to also create frameworks for tracking location damage and auto-cripple thresholds, preferably by deriving status numbers.  Randy pointed out a good way to trick the system into always rounding up, so it’s possible to stick to the GURPS rules on this.
  • Make the combat card selection simpler.  Right now we have a big dropdown radio button box, which is simpler than what I used to have (which was like 20 individual buttons per player), but it can be annoying.
  • Learn enough about the system to lock in targets by selecting and maintaining the target staes on the player tokens so that an Aim target can be designated easily.
  • Make the combat system fast enough so that I have time to add more descriptions over Skype about the actions so there aren’t long ass stretches of me making hidden dice rolls with nothing indicating the action to the players.

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