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List of Stuff to Fix in MapTool

Posted by on August 9, 2010

The problem with using MapTool is that it’s easy to see how much stuff you can get done in it, so you start thinking in terms of BIG structures and macros in order to make things smoother for the players.  This is one of the problems I had in Neverwinter Nights; it was a lot of times more fun to hammer out code to make something happen that shouldn’t (given the toolset) than to write or GM the game.  Especially GM the game in that case.

So I am setting some tasks for myself that will hopefully be reasonable and not balloon out into the creation of an entire master framework that will eat all of my time.  For one thing, I just don’t have that kind of time.  For another, it can very easily supplant the actual campaign if I let it.  In Wendy’s words, “You’ll super-prepare yourself into never running the damn game.”

Things to do:

  • Integrate the CurrentTarget function/stored token property into the combat macros for Aim, Evaluate and Attack, plus an automated GetDistance() function for ranged attacks.
  • Start working on a stored library array in a token to store weapon values for equip/unequip/attack/defense calculations.  Randy and I are wondering whether to go with a long and clunky ass string value with variable delimiters versus a long and clunky ass JSON object.

Just these two tasks could turn out to be INCREDIBLY LONG, but as Randy pointed out, once you do the heavy lifting up front the work is done.  Until you think of a better way to do it, of course.

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