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Adventure Summary 8/11/10

Posted by on August 26, 2010

This is late, and it’s not a chronicle.  I’ve been way too busy actually writing the campaign materials and working on MapTool to do long summaries.  Oh well.

  • The party attempted to question the Cromen prisoners.  Spaulding and Jameson could understand enough of their language to get a little pidgin dialogue going, during which they implied that the Cromen were coming, specifically for the Nats.
  • The Cromen were summarily beheaded by Bailiff Plough, somewhat to the disappointment of Yosef Blades and company, who were apparently making bets on which ones would last the longest under recreational torture.
  • The badly wounded man-at-arms died in the night from his wounds, and the other wounded one was strapped to a mule; everyone continued on to Frogg.
  • Frogg was a very depressing town, pretty much situated directly in a disgusting marshland.  However it was populated by a surprisingly diverse mix of humanoids, including some exceptional craftsmen for some reason.
  • The mayor, Caleb Carpenter, was there to greet them briefly, along with a girl he was watching, who turned out to be Gertrude Sterling, precocious niece of Lord Jonn Sterling.
  • Andreas’ primary contact was one Nancy Weaver, who lived in a sizable rough house with her son Andrew.  She graciously gave the use of her house to the party and the wounded man at arms while they were in Frogg and found lodgings elsewhere.  She also provided some reasonable medical care to the wounded man at arms and Spaulding, who had taken some axe hits.
  • Falen, an Ess traveling scholar and something of an archaeologist, was also in Frogg, apparently working on some sort of troublesome dig to excavate some ruins that were covered by silt.  He took a liking to Nan and provided her with some more palatable foods native to Thelabar, including Quinoa, which delighted her so much that she started singing a little song about it.
  • Reed, in an attempt to ingratiate himself with the locals, made two significant errors:  (1) he purchased a disgusting smoked mudskipper from a local fisher boy, and (2) pretended to like it, resulting in several parcels of the dirt-flavored delicacy to the door of the Weaver house with his name on them.
  • Spaulding visited the local smith, a very skilled Morag named Aron Grunden, who had his mail repaired and also looked over the captured caplock arms found at the destroyed hamlet.  Andreas gave them over to him for safekeeping.
  • Reed managed to find a Kharaz bowyer who had a very expensive composite bow that was worth more than all of his possessions and cash put together, but as it did a miniscule amount more damage than his own bow, he hocked his old one and himself to Nan in exchange for a loan for it.
  • Falen asked Spaulding for an item found at the site of the attack; Spaulding got the muddied cloak back from Grunden.  Falen examined it and told Spaulding that Olan Renssalear was the one who had lost a hand, and that the Sterling should be notified.

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