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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Adventure Log 7/31/10: The Most Fantastic Place In All the Land

“I find it hardly fair,” said Torias, “that one so financially secure as yourself should feel free to deprive an honest workingman such as myself of his living.” “Hardly an honest workingman,” replied Lord Spaudling, dismounting from his horse as his companions did.  “You preyed upon the naivete of the villagers of Middenton, teaching them … Continue reading »

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First Session Notes

This went surprisingly well I thought, given play over TCP/IP and using an unfamiliar tool.  We did run some quick trials before game time to show those unfamiliar with MapTool how it worked with the macros that we had set up, and since MapTool was only really used for die rolling and tactical play, we … Continue reading »

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Adventure Log 7/29/10 Part 4: Sword Of My Father’s!

Having successfully secured the valuable services of a ten year old village boy who happened to know something about tracking, the party set out for the former campsite of the presumed con man, led by Dupree Carpenter, and including Lord Spaulding, Nan, Reed, Sam, Tookie, and several disgruntled-looking villagers carrying moderately threatening-looking farm tools.  As … Continue reading »

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Adventure Log 7/29/10 Part 3: The Mysterious Disappearing Mushrooms

Nursing a bruised hand and pride, Lord Spaulding met up with Reed and Nan (who had come down just in time to witness her patron’s ignominious pratfall) as Torias engaged with several of the impressed villagers.  Wanting to get a closer look at the platform where Spaulding fell through, Reed offered to help the poor … Continue reading »

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Adventure Log 7/29/10 Part 2: What Kind of Doctor Are You?

The drenched would-be savior of the tavern brawl, Dupree Carpenter, was bemoaning the “mere student” status that was no doubt the only thing that prevented him from personally defeating an entire tavernful of drunken brawlers armed with a wooden stick carved into the shape of a sword as Nan, Reed, and Lord Spaulding were looking … Continue reading »

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Adventure Log 7/29/10 Part 1: The Great Northern Expedition

The scene opened at a middling-sized stable in Cago, the capital city of the region.  Lord Geoffrey Spaulding, recent heir to a very minor noble house and would-be swashbuckling adventurer, has decided that it would be best for him to get out of town before he gets sucked back into the dreary, drudgery-filled world of … Continue reading »

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“You Find a Box Full of Character Points”

Award systems are tough in RPGs.  You have two basic varieties: You get XP for accomplishing certain things like killing stuff, getting rich, blowing up the enemy ship, etc., to the exclusion of everything else. You get an arbitrary reward from the GM basic on ephemeral concepts like “good roleplaying.” The second system is what … Continue reading »

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Another Victim

Tony has signed up, annoyed that the two character types he was thinking of were already being played.  Morag scout/sniper Humanish stableboy with a bow ahoy!

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Taking damage macro for MapTool

Spent a fair bit of the day mucking about with MapTool.  Thanks to Randy’s better-than-mine code skills and’s skills at this tutorial, I had enough code to steal study and customize to finish a fairly complicated macro for determining damage effects in MapTool for GURPS.  I haven’t plugged in any sort of crippling calculations … Continue reading »

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Resurrecting Cago

The Cago campaign was an old GURPS campaign (originally in 3rd Edition) I ran in NJ about fifteen years ago or so.  The players and I were a tiny core of crazy RPGers who spent an inordinate amount of time moaning about poor game systems, making fun of each others’ boneheaded decisions, retelling old funny … Continue reading »

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