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First Session Upcoming

Posted by on July 23, 2010

Working on the framework for the first game session.  This will be a small session, probably me and 2 players or so, mostly to see how the framework works out.  We may add more players, but everyone should be aware that this is more or less a validation of the MapTool framework for remote game administration.  We’ll be using MapTool and Skype for voice comms.  Shooting for July 30-31 or so.

Current players are Randy, with an annoying Nat noble, and Wendy, with a Twilight-fan Harry Potter fanfic writing Ess.

Update:  We’re shooting for Thursday night (July 29) due to schedules.

One Response to First Session Upcoming

  1. Nan

    Fag. I’m quitting already until you take that Twilight reference off of there.

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